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Serenity Massage P.L.L.C. is among a very small group of companies that have won the Best of Kingwood Award for four consecutive years. This has awarded Serenity Massage P.L.L.C. with the distinguished 2016 and 2017 Kingwood Business Hall of Fame Award. ‚Äč


Serenity Massage P.L.L.C. 

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Address: 40 N. Main Street Kingwood, Texas 77339

Located in Town Center at the intersection of Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Parkway Next to the New York Pizzeria




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Student/Intern Massages-

Choose from Swedish Massage, Deep-Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger-Point Massage, Therapeutic Massage, or Maternity Massage. 

15 minutes       $10 INTERN

30 minutes       $28 INTERN

45 minutes       $35 INTERN

60 minutes       $45 INTERN

90 minutes       $70 INTERN

120 minutes     $90 INTERN


Hot Stone Massage Therapy-

One massage stroke with a warmed stone is equal to five massage strokes with the hands. Allow your muscles to melt away tension with this amazingly relaxing experience. The neck, arms, feet, legs, hips, and back are massaged with hot stones to reduce muscle fatigue and induce a very sedative experience. As an added bonus we will apply cooled facial stones soaked in Eucalyptus essential oils to clear the bronchial tubes and allow you to reduce sinus pressure.

90 Minutes       $95 INTERN ***

Two Hours        $135 INTERN ***



This specialized type of foot massage focuses on specific pressure applied to certain points on the feet to allow the entire body to relax. Lay back and relax in our reclining lounger chair, enjoy some hot tea, and love how amazing your body will feel after resting those tired feet that you never get off of. 

Thirty Minutes $50 INTERN ***


Lymphatic Massage-

This type of massage is more clinical in nature. The body's lymphatic system is the filter for all of the waste products and mutant cells that leave the bloodstream. The pressure of this massage is very superficial (light) and directed toward the lymph nodes to drain the excess fluid from your body. It is most beneficial if you are feeling tired or have minor illnesses frequently such as allergies. Enjoy your renewed energy and better health benefits from this specialized massage as a series of treatments recommended to be done every 3-6 months. Please view our Lymphatic Drainage web page for more details. 

Thirty Minutes $45 INTERN ***


Spa Packages-

**All of these packages require that you bring a two-piece bathing suit to your visit for ideal treatments.

Paradise Package                      $140 INTERN***

One Hour Swedish Massage, One Mask Facial Massage and Seaweed Body Wrap Treatment with Aromatherapy Add-on. Duration: 2 hours

Tranquility Package                 $215 INTERN***

Paradise Package with Spa Therapeutic Hand & Foot Treatments and Thermotherapy. Duration: 3 hours

Cloud 9 Package                     $300 INTERN***

Tranquility Package with Paraffin wax of the Hands & Feet, Salt Glow, Heated Towel Add-on to the feet and Back, and Ear Candling Treatment.

Duration: 4 hours

Ultimate Escape                       $350 INTERN ***

Cloud 9 Package with an extended and more luxurious Ninety-Minute Hot Stone Massage. Duration 4.5 hours


Facial Spa Treatments by Interns without Extractions or Steam


Facial Massage with One Mask       $50 INTERN

This general skin care treatment includes a facial massage, application of a deep-pore cleanser, exfoliation treatment of the face and neck to improve the radiant color of your smooth skin, and a mud mask to detoxify the skin. While the mud mask is working its magic, the therapist will give a brief massage of the neck and shoulders and complete the treatment with a pH balancer. Duration: 30 minutes


Facial Massage with Two Masks       $60 INTERN

This advanced facial treatment includes all of the services of the Facial Massage with One Mask with the application of an additional mask specific to the needs of your skin such as moisturizing, acne corrective, or anti-aging mask. This treatment also involves more massage therapy during the second mask treatment application. Duration: 45 minutes


Thirty Minute Massage with Facial Massage                            $78 INTERN

This discounted package includes a Facial Massage with a 30 minutes massage on your targeted problematic areas such as shoulders, neck, or feet. You choose which areas need the most treatment to get a mini-vacation from your day. Duration: 1 hour


One Hour Massage and Facial Massage with One Mask                $95 INTERN

This thorough spa treatment includes a Facial Massage and a full-body massage to really forget about the stress and improve your level of relaxation. Duration: 1.5 hours


Hand & Foot Spa Treatments


Hand Massage with Hand Peel            $19 INTERN

This basic massage of the hands includes an exfoliation of the skin to reduce dry, cracking hands or dead skin cells that reduce the glow of your vibrant skin color. The treatment also includes the application of multiple heated towels to moisturize the skin's cells. Duration: 15 minutes


Heel Therapy Foot Massage                $20 INTERN

This extended foot massage includes massage therapy of the feet and lower legs and the application of cucumber heel therapy cream to moisturize your heels and improve the appearance of your feet. The treatment commences with the application of hot towels to soothe your aches away. Duration: 15 minutes


Paraffin Wax of the Hands & Feet        $25 INTERN

This heated wax treatment improves the circulation of the blood, reduces the aches and pains of the joints such as arthritis, and leaves the skin silky smooth and smelling wonderful. Duration: 15 minutes


Spa Exfoliating Foot Treatment            $30 INTERN

 This thorough foot treatment is the ultimate escape from your dress shoes. The treatment begins with a Epsom salt foot bath soak in a reclining massage chair followed by the application of heated towels, extended massage therapy of the feet and lower legs, and the application of cucumber heel therapy, marine mint mask, icy gel, and exfoliating crystals. This treatment is very helpful for people who suffer from poor circulation. You are on your feet all the time; make sure you reward them for their hard work! Duration: 30 minutes


Spa Exfoliating Foot Treatment with Paraffin Wax                      $40 INTERN

This treatment combines the luxurious Spa Exfoliating Foot Treatment with the healing properties of the Paraffin Wax treatment. Duration: 45 minutes


Spa Therapeutic Hand Treatment         $30 INTERN

This elaborate massage and product application for the hands will be the most beneficial for dry skin and skin with discoloration and age spots. This treatment includes the application of hot towels, extended massage, a detoxifying mud mask, exfoliating salt glow, and a cream to moisturize. Duration: 30 minutes


Spa Therapeutic Hand Treatment with Paraffin Wax                      $40 INTERN

This treatment combines the benefits of the Spa Therapeutic Hand Treatment with the relaxing experience of the Paraffin Wax treatment. Duration: 45 minutes


Spa Therapeutic Hand & Foot Treatment                             $60 INTERN

This added spa bonus includes the Spa Therapeutic Hand Treatment experience and the Spa Therapeutic Foot Treatment. It is the most enjoyable when added to a body contour treatment session. Duration:  1 hour


 Body Contouring ***

***All of these treatments require you to bring a two piece bathing suit to your visit for ideal treatments


Seaweed Body Wrap Treatment          $45 INTERN ***

This full-body treatment begins with the application of a detoxifying mud applied to the arms, legs, and back. During the processing of the mud, your body is wrapped in a cocoon-like experience to swaddle you into a deep state of relaxation while your feet are massaged. The mud is then removed with hot towels to aid in the soothing experience. Duration: 45 minutes


Cellulite Treatment Body Wrap            $65 INTERN ***

This body contouring treatment can reduce the appearance of cellulite by reducing the attachments of the lipids (fat cells) away from the skin and the muscle tissue. You may choose to be measured or opt out of measurements. Be sure to take your own before and after pictures because the results will amaze you. This treatment is not a guarantee of a specific appearance or weight loss. You will see results if you stick to the series of sessions recommended for the best results. Duration: 45 minutes


One Hour Cellulite Massage               $60 INTERN ***

This unparalleled body contouring massage is directed toward your most problematic areas of your body to tighten, tone, and firm slacking tissues. This massage is generally deep pressure that results in a reduction of the orange-peel effect that cellulite displays on the skin. The most common areas massaged are the arms, legs, hips, and abdomen. Combined with the proper diet and exercise, this treatment shows dramatic results after just one series. The improved appearance generally lasts from 2-4 months before needing to be repeated. Hello, swim suit season, here I come! Are you ready? Duration: 1 hour


One Hour Cellulite Massage with a Cellulite Treatment Wrap                             $110 INTERN *** 

This power punch is the ultimate fighting combination with a one hour cellulite massage followed by a cellulite body wrap treatment. You are required to bring a two piece bathing suit to receive this treatment. Duration: 1.5 hours


Ear Candling Treatment      $20 INTERN

This treatment is a non-painful approach to removing excessive amounts of wax in the ear canal. A specifically designed type of candle is placed in the ear and the other end is lit of fire. The heat forms a vacuum to remove wax from the ear. You do not feel any wax being removed from the ear, but after the treatment, if you would like to see how much wax was removed from the ear we will cut open the remaining portion of the candle to show you the wax. Duration: 30 minutes

Aromatherapy Salt Glow     $27 INTERN ***

This full-body treatment removes unwanted dead skin cells to improve the glow of the skin leaving it feeling smooth, soft, and vibrant. This treatment is generally added to one of our body contouring wraps to improve its benefits.  Duration: 15 minutes 


Chair Massages

Do you want a massage, but you have limited time...Walk in or schedule a chair massage for 10, 15, or 20 minutes to relieve your stress and tension during your busy day. 


10 Minutes $10 INTERN                   15 Minutes $15 INTERN                   20 Minutes $20 INTERN



***Some services are only available when students from the advanced course are completing their internship. Basic course students are not able to provide services with these three stars. 








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